Mavka’s Kitchen

“Mavka’s kitchen” is our favorite. At first we were only doing leaflets and collecting information, but then it turned out that one of the women has access to the kitchen where the occupiers eat. Therefore, we have a safe opportunity to add something to buns or sausages in the dough. Laxatives turned out to be the perfect option: it would embarrass the occupiers, literally and figuratively piss them off. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, we did not see the results, but we were told that everything was as it should be. But it was a one-time action.

For some time, a curfew was declared in Melitopol, and the occupiers are very fond of drinking. There were even cases when they went from house to house, “begging” for alcohol, because they desperately needed it. We made homemade alcohol because we knew how it could get to them. Oh, that was a really lousy drink! And not a bottle, not two, but a lot. It was difficult to accurately calculate the dosage, somewhere, maybe, they overdid it. I can only imagine how the Russians “served” in such a state.

Zla Mavka

Many wanted to put poison. But, firstly, it is not very easy to find it here (although it would be possible to come up with something), and secondly, to sprinkle poison or not is a difficult ethical issue. It’s one thing to make an occupier piss off, and another to kill them all the same. We were not ready for this. WE ADDED LAXATIVES, NOT POISON, BECAUSE WE ARE NOT KILLERS LIKE THE RUSSIANS. Killing the occupiers is a task for the Armed Forces, we can also use non-violent actions to give them the shit.

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