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The Village

The female partisan movement "Zla Mavka" resists the Russian Federation. Interview from temporarily occupied Melitopol Viktoriya Kudryashova, editor of The Village Ukraine spoke with the founder of the movement about the burning of Russian flags, Mavka's struggle with Ork and the difficult wait for de-occupation. More →

Vikna- TV

The Ukrainian resistance movement is incredible and strong. These are hundreds, thousands of people who do not want to see an occupier on their native land, and are fighting in the most difficult conditions. One of these is the Evil Mavka resistance movement. Today we will tell you what...


Women show the Russians that they are not welcome here. The "Evil Mavka" women's resistance movement operates in the territories temporarily occupied by the Russians. The participants of the movement remind the occupiers that they are not welcome here. More... The underground women's movement "Zla Mavka", which operates in the temporarily occupied...


Zla Mavka: Ukrainian underground women in the occupation "Mavkas see everything", "Occupiers, do not anger Ukrainian women" - such postcards with the image of mythical Mavka girls periodically appear on the streets of temporarily occupied cities of Zaporizhzhia region, Kherson region and Crimea. The resistance movement was founded by three...

Daily Mail

Forced into dumping Ukrainian currency when the Russian occupiers move in, a fearless all-female Ukrainian resistance group is circulating counterfeit rubles with a VERY direct message that could cost them their lives More →