Women’s Partisan Movement “Zla Mavka”

Zla Mavka is an all-female Ukrainian non-violent resistance movement that emerged in the occupied city of Melitopol in early 2023. After Moscow’s all-out invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 three brave Ukrainian women decided that they had had enough of living under occupation. It was time to resist. The group is named Mavka after the female spirit from...

Russians should look around,
Because they never know that Mavka is next to them. It must be scary for them to court, because who knows how their evening will end and what surprise awaits them after “nice communication”


Our last Actions

The female partisan movement "Zla Mavka" opposes Russia in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

Zla Mavka’s news

Not all residents of the occupied territories of Ukraine have access to the true news of Ukraine and the world. Our Mavky launched a weekly newspaper with real news, which is distributed in the occupied cities. Yes, the Mavkas are fighting against Russian propaganda, with which the occupiers are trying to poison our people.

Zla Mavka ignites!

Zla Mavka ignites! 🔥 There is nothing more despicable than the Russian tricolor on our streets! Let's tear down, burn, sketch everything Russian with us. This is Ukraine! Let's clear it from the occupiers!

Mavka’s Kitchen

"Mavka's kitchen" is our favorite. At first we were only doing leaflets and collecting information, but then it turned out that one of the women has access to the kitchen where the occupiers eat. Therefore, we have a safe opportunity to add something to buns or sausages in the dough. Laxatives turned out to be the perfect option: it would embarrass the occupiers, literally and figuratively piss them off. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, we did not see the results, but we were told that everything was as it should be. But it was a one-time action. For some time, a...